What is tygertec all about?

tygertec is a software engineering blog. It’s all about the code.

Or as I mused to myself during a hazy afternoon run along the Brooklyn waterfront,

tygertec is a collection of random abstract semi-pragmatic thoughts on the art and practice of modern software engineering. Expect a medley of lowbrow programming puns and philosophical reflections aimed at refining our grasp of this curiously wondrous craft.

Yeah. It must’ve been hot that day.

Happy coding!

Who is Ty Walls?

Ty Walls is the guy inside the “tyger” suit. He’s usually seen around code-landia with a big toothy grin and a bounce in his step, waving at tourists and park workers. Free HugOps. Pictures with the tyger cost $20, plus the prime rate. ;)

But seriously ;-)

For a serious treatment of Ty, see Ty Walls, the “ty” in tygertec (meta C.V.)

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Once upon a time, this site was the only result when you Googled “tygertec”. Nowadays, you’ll see all sorts of results. All these kids, walking on my lawn… :)

Which sites and accounts am I actually affiliated with?

The Real tygertec

The following sites have user accounts called “tygertec”. I did in fact create these accounts at one time or another.

  • twitter: @tygertec
  • Stack Overflow: That is embarrassingly me. Unfortunately I’m a bigger S.O. consumer than contributor.
  • XDA forums: I created the account intending to contribute to the community, but I got too busy to do anything with it.
  • Memrise: I’m a fan of mnemonic techniques. I played with Memrise when they first launched.
  • Ecomodder and CleanMPG: When gas first hit $5 a gallon I learned the lost art of “hypermiling”. I could squeeze 50MPG from my 26MPG EPA-rated Corolla!

Impostor tygertec’s! =P

I’m not affiliated with anything else called “tygertec”. Most of the other instances are accounts for gaming sites and forums. I’m not much of a gamer. For me, writing code is much more fulfilling than playing games. Funny story: I have a weak math background, partly because I spent math class distracted writing BASIC programs on my TI-83.

Here are some notable “tygertec” accounts that I hereby disown and ban from my lawn:

  • GitHub: Someone took my moniker in 2014 and just sat on it.
    • My GitHub account is tygerbytes.
  • YouTube: Not me. I don’t actually have a youtube channel. Should I?
  • Google+: Not me. Seems like this user is really into gaming.